Best NFL Pre-Game Huddle Routine: Drew Brees Versus Ray Lewis

Drew Brees Versus Ray Lewis in the “Battle of the Pre-Game Huddle”

Drew Brees, the 3-time NFL Pro Bowl Quarterback for the New Orleans Saints may be undersized at 6’0,” but he certainly has the respect of his teammates, coaches, and the city of New Orleans.  Watch Drew fire up the New Orleans Saints in his NFL Pre-Game Huddle routine:

Ray Lewis, a 10-time NFL Pro-Bowl Linebacker and the centerpiece of a stingy Ravens defense fires up the Baltimore Ravens during his Pre-Game Huddle routine:

Both Brees and Lewis are fierce competitors, among the best at their positions and well respected leaders in the NFL.  If you were talented enough to play in NFL for the New Orleans Saints or Baltimore Ravens, which Pre-Game Huddle routine would you like to be in?

Sorry, Ray, but I would rather be a part of the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees’ Pre-Game Huddle routine.  To quote Drew Brees’ 2008 pre-game huddle routine, “THIS IS NEW ORLEANS!”

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