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Twitter Feature Request: Hide The “Who To Follow” Feature

Those that read this blog and know me personally understand that I’m a huge fan of Twitter, as expressed here. Twitter recently added a feature called “who to follow,” offering suggestions as to “who to follow” based on your current friends and followers and your followers’ friends and followers. While some call Twitter’s new “Who To Follow” feature Social Steroids, others think it’s a distraction.

Twitter “Who To Follow” as Social Steroids

Twitter’s who to follow function is more powerful than Facebook’s friend finder.  While Facebook users connect with family members and offline friends, most Twitter users follow people that they have never met in person.  Twitter users tend to follow other influential people in their industry.  The “who to follow” function is powerful to that end and if you are looking to find other influential people on Twitter, you now have a nice easy way to find those people.  However, we should have an option to hide the powerful “who to follow” feature.

Twitter Who To Follow

Twitter: Please Give Us An Option To “Hide” The “Who To Follow” Feature

When I first signed up for Twitter in the Fall of 2008, I was confused.  Partly, because I didn’t know what a tweet was, nor were any of my actual offline friends on Twitter.  As I started to follow people tweeting about things I am interested in (Internet Marketing, Sales and Sports), it was not easy finding quality and relevant Twitter users.  I can see the “who to follow” feature being very helpful for those that are new to Twitter or those that are interested in spending time seeking out influential tweeps.

Twitter “Who To Follow” Is A Distraction

The reality is, I do not want to be suggested “who to follow” every single time I log-in to Twitter.  Not to mention, every time I refresh my twitter timeline by clicking “home,” there are new “who to follow” suggestions.  I’ve only had the “who to follow” feature for about 48 ours and it is becoming a big distraction.

Twitter, please give us an option to hide your new “who to follow” feature.

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