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Social Media Scam: Twitter Spam and Google AdSense Spam

In the past, I’ve written about Linkedin Spam and the potential decline of Google AdSense revenue due to Google’s Panda Algorithm update.  Social Media Spam certain doesn’t stop with LinkedIn.  When a new social media platform builds up a large user base, spammers take notice.  Unfortunately, I stumbled upon a new Social Media Scam that involves spamming Twitter and driving traffic to websites loaded with Google AdSense.

Twitter Social Media Scam

Twitter has exploded with users over the last 2 years.  According to Twitter, 140 Million twitter user accounts have been set up.  When there is a new social media platform that millions of people spend time on, opportunities arise for spammers.

Try a keyword search on Twitter and see what results show up.

Try this keyword search on Twitter – “Chicago Lasik”

Chicago Lasik Twitter Spam

Identify Twitter Spam Profiles

Let’s examine the first result show, clearly an actual human being and definitely not a fake/spam profile:

  1. Use a female picture
  2. Use a fake location
  3. Claim you are a real professional – In this case “new york lasik eye surgery”
  4. Use a Bitly link in your profile to track clicks

Lasik Twitter Spam Profile

Google AdSense Spam

Then Click on the Chicago Lasik Link.  I will not link to the spammers website because the website is wrapped in Google AdSense.  The goal of the spammer is to build a keyword heavy domain name, stuff keywords into the URL, Title Tags, Meta Keywords (which dont work anymore :) ), meta description, Headers, and body content.  Oh, and the spammer is using Bitly to track click metrics on his spammy links.

Google has a Search Quality Team, headed up by @MattCutts.  The goal of the Google Search Quality Team is to increase the quality of search engine results pages.  I wonder if Twitter has a Search Quality Team.  A search on Google for Twitter Search Quality Team only brings up Google’s Search Quality Team results.

Twitter has raised $200 Million in Funding.  Does Twitter have a Search Quality Team?  If not, do you think Twitter Should have a Search Quality Team?

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