Multiple Domains vs 1 Domain

Should I Use Multiple Domains or 1 Domain For Small Business SEO?

You are a Small Business Owner and you own your small business website.  You may own multiple domain names that are keyword-rich, product-specific, service-specific, geo-specific or are thinking about purchasing those types of domain names.  Why?  Well, you think that if you own a keyword-rich domain name, you will be able to rank on search engines more easily and get more qualified website traffic.

One Domain Is Better Than Multiple Domains for Small Business SEO

Why is one domain better than multiple domains for small business SEO?  As a small business owner, time is money.  You have limited time and presumably want to get the most return on your marketing spend.  It is extremely difficult to rank on search engines for relevant keyword phrases for ONE domain, rather than to rank on search engines for relevant keyword phrases for multiple domains.  A short, non-detailed explanation on how to rank online for relevant keyword phrases is:

  • Identify relevant keyword phrases by performing keyword research
  • Build a content creation strategy for your company website, using those keyword phrases in the content you produce
  • Link Building Strategy – Acquiring quality and relevant inbound links from unique domains is how you build trust and equity in the eyes of search engines
  • Promotion Strategy – Promote the well optimized content that you create on your company site and engage others doing research on your products/services in social media networks

Build Your Company Brand Domain and Get Found Online

Brand related keyword phrases tend to yield the most website traffic, leads and customers for small business owners.  The easiest way to build your brand online is to start a business blog on your primary domain.  For example, if you own, you will want to set up a blog in a sub-directory of your website ( or create a sub-domain on your website for your blog (

From a technical perspective, each blog article you create will be another web page that google can index.  The frequency with which you publish blog articles is directly correlated to the number of times search engine robots come back to crawl your website.  There is a content freshness component to Google’s search engine algorithm, which essentially means: the more often you publish content on your website, the better your company website will look in the eyes of Google.  It’s important to note that the more pages you have associated with your website in search engine indices, the more opportunities you have to get found online by your target audience.

From a Human being perspective, a blog helps you to build your thought leadership by giving educational information to your target audience.  There is a direct relationship between educating and building trust.  If you teach someone how to do something on their own, you ad value and build trust.  Building trust with your target audience will positively impact your brand.

Commit to Creating Content On Your Domain To Get Found Online

It takes time and effort to perform keyword research, use those keywords in the blog content you create and share that content on social media networks on an ongoing basis to get found online organically.

Do You Have The Time and Money To Perform All of the Above Tips for Multiple Domains?

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