Beyond the Search Box - 2011

Rand Fishkin’s Rant on Twitter: Beyond The Search Box

Bing and BigThink hosted a 4 hour event in San Fransisco today on the Future of Search, titled “Farsight 2011: Beyond the Search Box.”  Much has been said recently on the quality of search engine results pages (SERPS) recently and many have speculated on how to reduce spam in the SERPS. Google recently took action to increase the quality and relevance of search engine results, by reducing spam.

Panelists at the event included Harry Shum, Corporate VP of Search at Bing, Matt Cutts, Google’s Czar of Search Quality, and Rich Skrenta, Founder of start-up search engine Blekko.

Editor of Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan was Liveblogging the event.  I was able to watch about 20 minutes of the event and thought it was funny how Harry Shum of Bing called out Danny Sullivan by referencing an article he wrote on how search engines need better metrics to improve relevancy.

After the panel, Founder of SEOMoz Rand Fishkin published a series of tweets with his thoughts on an issue debated by Harry Shum and Matt Cutts of Bing using Google Searches and Click Data.  See below [Please Read The Tweets From BOTTOM to TOP]:

Rand Fishkin SEO Rant on Twitter

Seems as though Rand didn’t agree with/like Google’s representation at the panel, which is pretty clear.  It will be interesting to read a recap from him on the SEOMoz blog.

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