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How Tall Is Rajon Rondo?

Typically, when typing a search query into Google, Google will list relevant search engine results  in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS).  Over Time, Google is getting more sophisticated including exciting algorithm updates including Social Search, and Personalized and Real Time Search.

While watching game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Boston Celtics vs Orlando Magic, I was curious as to know the height of the most exciting NBA player in the 2010 playoffs, Rajon Rodo. Naturally, I opened my blackberry and Googled, “how tall is rajon rondo.” I was pleased to find an answer to my question NOT in the form of a link. See below:

How Tall is Rajon Rondo

How Tall is Rajon Rondo?

Understanding that Wolframa Alpha is marketed as the “computational knowledge engine,” I figured I would do the same keyword search on Wolfram Alpha.  I was surprised to find out that Wolfram Alpha’s search engine didn’t actually answer my question, rather provided basic information.

How Tall is Rajon Rondo - Wolphram Alpha Search

How Tall is Rajon Rondo - Wolfram Alpha

Google’s search engine results surprised me.  It seems as though Google read from multiple “sources” that Rajon Rondo is 6 feet 1 inch tall.  Google lists the “sources” that provided the answer to Rajon Rondo being 6’1″ and allows the searcher (me) to see all sources that they found and trust to give the answer.  See Below:

Rajon Rondo Height SourcesBreaking down the search engine result, you can see that “RAJON RONDO HEIGHT – 6-1” is bold and the websites that Google trusts to answer my question are listed as Answers.com, nba.com, draftexpress.com, and chacha.com.  Notice next to those website “sources” you see the answer to my question in bold 6-1. Very, Very interesting.

It seems as though Google’s search engine is becoming more of a decision engine.  Have you seen similar search engine results?  I would love to hear  of instances like this where there is no link in the first search engine result on Google’s first page, rather, a link-less answer to the search query.  Happy Searching!

POST UPDATE: I originally posted on March 31st, 2010.  I was curious to see what would happen if I did another google search for “how tall is rajon rondo.”  It seems as though Google trusts rbeale.com on par with answers.com and draftexpress.com enough to tell searchers “according to rbeale.com” Rajon Rondo is 6-1.

How Tall is Rajon Rondo Google Search August 2010

How Tall is Rajon Rondo Google Search August 2010

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  • bronx

    rajon rondo is the beast

  • bronx

    rajon rondo is the beast