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Today was a normal day. I worked all morning, grabbed a quick lunch and brought it back to my desk in Cambridge, MA at 12:45pm EST today, when my phone rang. I quickly drank some water to wash down the food and answered the phone. To my surprise, it was a recruiter. This is pretty much how the conversation went:

ME: “HubSpot, This is Ryan.”
Recruiter: Hi Ryan, This is XXX From XYZ company.
ME: (Confused as to who the lead is) Hi XXX, are you looking to generate leads from your website?
Recruiter: No. Have you heard of XYZ before?
Recruiter: XYZ is a recruiting company in (town, state). I found you on LinkedIn and your profile looks like a great fit for a few projects I am working on.
ME: Ok.
Recruiter: How are things at HubSpot?
Recruiter: Ok. Do know any sales reps looking for jobs?
ME: No. In fact, if you got my work phone number, I am sure you can figure out how to cold call other sales reps at HubSpot if you really want to do that.
Recruiter: Well, do you know any other sales reps outside of HubSpot looking for a job?
ME: Not at this time. Feel free to connect with me on Linkedin and see if any of my connections would be a good fit for your projects.
Recruter: Thank you.

Sales Tips for Recruiters

This certainly was not the first cold call from recruiters since I started working at HubSpot over 1 year ago. Like this gentleman, all recruiters that have cold called me had the exact same pitch! “I found you on LinkedIn and based on your profile, you are a good match for a project I am working on.” Want to catch my attention or any seasoned sales representative’s attention, then consider the following:

1)  Research your prospects so you can have some commonality and separate yourself from every other cold-calling recruiter. Do they blog? What do they blog about? If you found someone on LinkedIn, what does their summary/expertise say? Throwing out a broad statement like “you are a good fit based on a LinkedIn profile” tells me you don’t know anything about me.

2)  Once you have established commonality, explain why you think that sales rep would be a good fit for the particular job you are working on.  For Example, this recruiter could have said, “Based on your background, it looks like you have been in sales for many years but you also have great knowledge on Internet Marketing.  I found out that you really understand concepts of internet marketing and how businesses can grow by leveraging the web because I read a few of your blog articles.  It turns out, the company I am working with needs a sales rep with knowledge of internet marketing and someone who can help them grow their business more cost-effectively.”  That would have been much more compelling.

3) Since you cold-called me AT WORK, you know that I am employed.  If you really looked at my LinkedIn profile, then you know I have been doing sales for many years and should likely have a good understanding of what a senior sales rep would command from a compensation stand point.  HubSpot’s VP of Marketing once said, “sales reps are coin operated.” To an extent, Mike Volpe is correct.  That said, recruiters trying to place sales reps need to present compensation numbers to either qualify or disqualify a prospect immediately.  Assuming that recruiters get paid when they place a sales rep at a new job, qualifying a new sales rep on the first call should be a priority.

Recruiters are sales reps themselves.  Would a recruiter rather have qualified leads that found their company website online and self-selected by filling out a form and downloading some valuable material on local jobs?  I bet recruiters would love to get more leads through their website.  Here are some simple SEO tips for Recruiters and marketing managers at recruiting companies.

SEO Tips for Recruiters

This particular recruiting company for sales reps has horrible online visibility.  I did a google search for the recruiting company’s brand name and they didn’t rank on the first page of google.  Typically, the URL for the company will match the brand name and therefore will rank on the first page of google fairly easily.   Here are some On-Page SEO tips for This Recruiting Company.

On Page SEO

In order to rank in search engine results pages,websites must identify which keyword phrases (or search queries) best represent their value proposition.  Coming up with a foundation of keywords that you would like to rank online for is fundamental in getting quality and relevant website visitors.  You can identify quality keywords by using Google’s Keyword suggestion Tool, amongst others.  Let’s use the keywords I found on google’s keyword tool for your business.

Boston Sales Jobs Keywords

Once you identify keywords that best describe your value proposition, you want to place those keywords into a few major areas of your website that search engine robot’s crawl.  Each page of your website is a new opportunity to rank for a new keyword phrase and semantic variations of that keyword phrase.

Title Tag – 70 characters that describe what the content on the webpage is about. Currently Reads: “welcome to sales start.”  Perhaps edit the title tag to read “Boston Sales Jobs | Boston Sales Training | Sales Start.”

URL-Page Slug or Permalink (  When you add a new page, you should have the target keyword phrase in the page slug.  For Example, the new page will have “TARGET KEYWORD” (

META Description – This is one sentence describing the individual page.  You have 150 characters that should have one keyword that describes the keywords within the content of the web page and be consistent with the Title Tag, H1,H2, H3, H4, content, and meta keywords.

META Keywords – This is becoming less effective over time, but it is still a best practice to include 5 keywords that describe the web page.  No More than 10 keywords should be placed in the META keywords tag.

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 – These are headers.  Notice the Font is different from the title of this blog article to the paragraphs to the sub headlines.  I am leveraging the H2 tag for “SEO Tips for Recruiters.”

Content – This is where the text resides.

If I was consulting with Sales Start, I would tell them that if they want to generate more quality web traffic and convert that traffic into leads, they need to start blogging.  Today.  It’s important that business owners understand the value of Business Blogging.

Here is a WebSiteGrader Report which will give you free tips on how to improve the marketing effectiveness of your website:

If the owner of Sales Start is reading, feel free to contact me for a free website assessment and learn how you can generate more qualified leads for your sales team today.  I’m sure your sales rep still has my direct dial at work. :)

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  • r4i

    The best way to improve the image of a website is to make sure it is listed, and a very good rating, the major search engines like Google, Yahoo. In fact, the classification of a construction site is very important for increasing circulation, as some users of search engines bother to look beyond the first page or two of results.

  • r4i

    The best way to improve the image of a website is to make sure it is listed, and a very good rating, the major search engines like Google, Yahoo. In fact, the classification of a construction site is very important for increasing circulation, as some users of search engines bother to look beyond the first page or two of results.