The Free Keyword Tool for PPC and SEO by WordStream

Looking for Niche Keywords?  On September 16th, 2009 WordStream Launched The Free Keyword Tool for PPC and SEO. That’s right, WordStream is giving away high quality, profitable, long-tail keywords for FREE.  For more detailed information on the keyword data that WordStream provides, you can check out Frequently Asked Questions.

*In order to build out successful Search Engine Marketing Campaigns, relevant keywords must be identified, well organized and managed on an ongoing basis.*

Free Keyword Tool for PPC and SEO

How can PPC Advertisers leverage WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool for Success?  Here are a few Ideas:

  • New to PPC Advertising and looking for Keywords to build out a SEM Campaign
  • Experienced with PPC Advertising but would like additional keyword ideas
  • Launching a new product or service and would like to expand upon the initial keyword list

Once you have identified a particular list of relevant keywords, the next step would be to organize them semantically into specific keyword groupings. (While there is not a “magic number” of keywords one should have in each adgroup, the smaller the number of keywords per adgroup, the better).  Search Engine Marketers should pick out discriminating words/phrases to use as a foundation for a particular keyword grouping, then drill down by grouping even more specific variations of that particular word or phrase.

For Example, if you query the Free Keyword Tool for “baseball bat,” 8,203 keyword phrases containing baseball+bat plus another word or words are returned.  The goal is to pick out discriminating words like:

  • Wooden baseball bat
  • Easton baseball bat
  • tpx baseball bat

While all three of these keyword phrases contain the same root keyword “baseball bat,” these three phrases should be broken up into separate keyword groups.  Many prefixes and suffixes can be added to create variations of these keywords and create specific types of keywords.  Instead of having a general, informational query like “wooden baseball bat,” you should probably add transactional queries like “buy wooden baseball bat, low-cost wooden baseball bat, discount wooden baseball bat.”  These transactional queries can be added to the “Wooden baseball bat” keyword group.  The “keyword groups” will then become AdGroups for PPC and content will be created using those words for on-site SEO landing pages.

Most Search Engine Marketers use Excel Spreadsheets to organize keywords for PPC and SEO.  One way to very quickly organize all of your Keyword data is to group your keywords using WordStream’s Keyword Management Solution.

Keywords are the foundation for efficient Search Engine Marketing Campaigns, but keywords are only as useful as the PPC Advertiser and SEO behind them.  Keywords are a starting point.  Intelligence, organization, research, creativity, and continual keyword management must be applied in order to have successful PPC and SEO Campaigns.  Take advantage of WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool and leverage it as a part of your Diverse Inbound Marketing Strategy.

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