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Beginners Guide To PPC Advertising

Getting Started with PPC Advertising? A friend recently asked for some resources on getting started with PPC, so I figured I would explain how I learned PPC, then provide resources for him and anyone else that is interested in PPC advertising.

In 2008, I accepted a business development job at a start-up called WordStream, a keyword management tool for PPC advertising.  At the time, I knew very little about PPC Advertising and since the software was not built yet, I had about 3 months to ramp up and learn PPC.  What did I do?  I drove to Barnes and Nobles and purchased 3 books:

  1. Boris Mordkovich’s Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook: Low Cost Strategies for Attracting New Customers Using Google, MSN, Yahoo & Other Search Engines
  2. Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd’s Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes
  3. Bruce C. Brown’s The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing: Pay Per Click Advertising Secrets Revealed

All of the books are good if you want to start from square one from the history of paid search to where paid search was back in 2008.  I read all three books before work, during lunch and after work.  One day WordStream’s founder, Larry Kim walked by my desk, saw the books and literally started laughing.  For someone who had been running paid search campaigns for years with tremendous success, then engineered his own paid search product and received Venture Capital funding, it was funny for him to see someone that really was a novice.  Thankfully, he was nice enough to take some time out of his day and give me personal PPC training.  I am forever grateful for the lessons he and Tom Demers, WordStream’s Director of Marketing taught me.

Enough about me, let’s get to the Beginners PPC Guide!

Starting a PPC Campaign from Scratch

The Rimm-Kauffman Group has an excellent blog post on “How To” start a PPC Campaign from scratch.

PPC FlowChart from PPCBlog

PPC Flowchart from PPCblog

PPC Flowcart via PPCblog.com

photo source ppcblog

Beginners Guide To PPC Advertising Resources

  1. Google’s Insider’s Guide To Google AdWords (in PDF format)
  2. Distilled’s Beginner’s Guide To PPC (in PDF format)
  3. SearchEngineLand’s PPC Academy
  4. Brad Geddes’ AdWords Training, Tools and Forums – Certified Knowledge

PPC Advertising Blogs

  1. Inside AdWords – Google’s Official Blog for News, Information and Tips on AdWords
  2. PPChero – Heroic feats in Pay Per Click Management
  3. bgTheory – Providing Google AdWords, PPC, SEO and Internet Marketing Training
  4. The RKG Blog – The Rimm-Kaufmann Group’s Blog. RKG is a Paid Search Marketing Agency
  5. Traffick Andrew Goodman’s Blog on the Business of Search
  6. PPCblog Aaron Wall’s sister site to SEObook.com.  Provides PPC Training and expertise
  7. YSMblog The Official Yahoo Search Marketing Blog
  8. Microsoft adCenter Community The Microsoft adCenter Community Blog
  9. ClickEquations Blog Paid Search Management Blog
  10. Acquisio Blog Paid Search Software Blog
  11. WordStream’s Blog WordStream’s Keyword Management Blog
  12. SEMgeek Pay Per Click Marketing Blog
  13. AimClear Blog Search Marketing Agency Blog
  14. Distilled Blog Online Marketing Blog from UK Internet Marketing Agency
  15. PPCproz Blog PPC at it’s best behaviour
  16. PPC Lab The real deal on Paid Search
  17. Gordon Choi Gordon’s PPC Blog

Get Social And Follow PPC Experts On Twitter

  1. @LarryKim Founder of WordStream
  2. @TomDemers Director of Marketing for WordStream
  3. @Szetela Owner of Clix Marketing
  4. @Andrew_Goodman Owner of Page Zero Media
  5. @PPCPROZ Dan Perach is the owner of a PPC Agency, PPC Proz.
  6. @John_A_Lee Account Manager at Clix Marketing
  7. @JoeKerschbaum Director of Client Services at Clix Marketing
  8. @keyrelevance Christine Churchill, owner of Search Engine Marketing firm KeyRelevance
  9. @PPChero Hannapin Marketing’s PPC Hero Blog on Twitter
  10. @bgTheory Brad Geddes, owner of Certified Knowldge, an AdWords Training company
  11. @DaveDavis Managing Director of RedFly Marketing
  12. @SEMGeek Greg Myers, author of SEMgeek.com
  13. @aimClear Marty Weintraub, owner of aimClear search marketing
  14. @AlanMitchell PPC Consultant
  15. @AaronWall SEO and PPC Expert. Owner of SEObook.com and PPCBlog.com
  16. @GeordieCarswell Contributor at Aaron Wall’s PPCBlog.com
  17. @PortentInt Ian Lurie, owner of Portent Interactive, Internet Marketing Agency
  18. @annatalerico VP at Ion Interactive, post-click marketing agency
  19. @MarcPoirier Founder of Acquisio
  20. @ClickEquations Paid Search Marketing Software for Agencies and Advertisers
  21. @DigitalAlex Marketing Manager at ClickEquations
  22. @MediaTwo Interactive Marketing Agency
  23. @Amelia_Dawson Lover of all things PPC
  24. @Matt_Umbro Google AdWords Qualified Professional
  25. @AskHowie Howie Jacobson, Author of “Google AdWords for Dummies”
  26. @Eloi_Casali Bi-lingual PPC Consultant in France

I hope these resources are helpful.  Do you have any PPC Resources not on this list?

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    Here’s a tip, especially for local businesses – it’s called day parting. As in, you schedule your ads only to appear during business hours of the day. If you follow customer trends in clicks and conversions by the hour of the day, you’ll notice the peak hours. You can bully out your competitors on bids by focusing on certain times of the day. Make sure you are constantly optimizing based on these trends. You don’t want to miss your customers, but if you’re on a tighter budget, just wait for ‘the right moment’ of the day and bust out the cannons to hit your prospects when they want you most. I have it all managed for me, so no sweat. Simon can set you up to get managed if you’re interested, just call him at 256-398-3835.