3 Keyword Grouping Tools for Efficient PPC Advertising

Keyword grouping and organization provides a strong foundation for long-term search engine marketing success. Start with an extensive of keywords related to your industry (products and/or services) and then organize those keywords into semantically related keyword groups.

In an ideal world, the Search Engine Marketer will want to have one keyword per keyword group (AdGroup), multiple ads that speak directly to that keyword and a destination URL/Landing Page that is optimized for the keyword in the AdGroup. There simply is not enough time in the day for Search Engine Marketers to organize their keywords at the aforementioned granularity, but there are efficiency tools in the marketplace to help. The most widely used tools for keyword grouping are Microsoft Excel and the Google AdWords Editor. Other Keyword Grouping Tools include Google’s Keyword Grouping Tool, Keyword Grouper, and WordStream.

Here are some Video Tutorials on Keyword Grouping Tools:

Google’s Keyword Grouping Tool from MarketingToolsExpert.com

Keyword Grouper (short version)

WordStream’s Keyword Grouping Tool for Efficient PPC Advertising

3 Major problems with Microsoft Excel, Google AdWords Editor, Google’s Keyword Grouping Tool, Keyword Grouper and just about every other Keyword Grouping Tool in the marketplace is that they are all STATIC. In order to group keywords, the SEM must upload keywords into the grouper in order to then take action on those keywords. Another Major problem is that it these keyword grouping tools are not collaborative. A final problem with these keyword grouping tools is that it is difficult to merge data in these tools.

WordStream is the only Dynamic Keyword Grouping Tool in the marketplace that allows for multiple users to simultaneously take action on web analytics data from anywhere in the world. WordStream is a private, rules-based keyword database that allows the SEM to take action on relevant keyword data. WordStream has a snippet of JavaScript that will capture all search queries that generate organic and paid clicks to your website and pull those queries into your database and automatically organize those queries based on the rules that you have created (read, the keyword groups that you have created).

Which Keyword Grouping Tool do you use?

***Full Disclosure: WordStream is my employer***

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