How Tall Is Rajon Rondo?

Rajon Rondo

Typically, when typing a search query into Google, Google will list relevant search engine results  in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS).  Over Time, Google is getting more sophisticated including exciting algorithm updates including Social […]

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Chronology of The Facebook Privacy Debacle in 2010


Curious about Facebook and their changes to Privacy options?  This article aggregates in chronological order Facebook Privacy articles in 2010.  Learn about the wacky Privacy Updates that Facebook has made and reactions around the web […]

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Why B2B Marketers Should Consider Adding Video Content on Youtube


In my last post, I touched on the importance of B2B Content Creation and more specifically B2B Blogging, which is the easiest way to create B2B content.  Today, I will touch on a few reasons […]

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B2B Content Creation: Is “B2B Blogging” Too Intimidating?

Is Blogging Intimidating?

B2B Content Creation for Marketing comes in many forms: Blogging, Video, Podcast, Photos, Presentations, News Releases, etc.  When done right, B2B content marketing can be extremely effective for getting high quality visitors to your website.  […]

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Social Search: How to Use Social Media To Rank On Google

Social Media and Search

This article originally appeared on HubSpot’s Internet Marketing Blog on Monday, May 3rd 2010.  See the Original Article on Social Search. Late last year, Google launched real-time search into its algorithm. What does real-time search […]

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Pubcon: Attending a Conference without Actually Attending

PubCon Dallas 2010

About the author: Kaila Strong, an Internet Marketing coordinator at Vertical Measures, is an avid blogger, tweeter, and marketer online. Her interests are in social media, link building, SEO, and the online marketing field. Every […]

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Small Business Marketing Using FourSquare

FourSquare For Small Business

If you have not yet heard of FourSquare, I recommend that you crawl out from underneath the rock that which you are living, and check out their website and mobile location based game service. FourSquare […]

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B2B Blogging | The Value of B2B Blogging


In my last article Social Media Cheat Sheet for B2B Marketing I introduced Drew McLellan’s “Social Media Landscape” tool for CMOs and made a bold statement (no-pun-intended): “B2B Social Media Marketing Is Useless Without a […]

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Social Media Cheat Sheet for B2B Marketing

Social Media

I’m a big fan of Social Media.  You probably know that if we are connected on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.   I recently stumbled upon Drew McLellan’s Social Media Cheat Sheet (see to the right) and […]

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