3 Reasons To Use Thesis For WordPress eCommerce Websites

Thesis WordPress eCommerce

Regular readers know that I am huge fan of the Thesis Theme Framework for WordPress.  This blog runs on Thesis and my favorite Boston Red Sox Baseball Analysis blog runs on Thesis, as well.  Thesis […]

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How To Set Up an SEO Friendly URL Structure in WordPress – Pretty Permalinks

WordPress W

I joined Mac Collier’s #BlogChat on Twitter tonight as Brian Clark, famously known as @CopyBlogger on Twitter was a guest host.  Brian provided some excellent blogging tips including: On Blogging in General, “Headlines – Copywriting […]

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Beginners Guide To PPC Advertising

PPC Guide

Getting Started with PPC Advertising? A friend recently asked for some resources on getting started with PPC, so I figured I would explain how I learned PPC, then provide resources for him and anyone else […]

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Social Media Activity and Critics Down Says Forrester Research

Social Activity

Social Media Activity and Critics are down according to Forrester’s Social Technographics Ladder.   Forrester Research recently published data analyzing social media activity and created the Social Technographics Ladder.  Since the last time Forrester published […]

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2 Reasons to Use Blekko Over Google For Search

Blekko Search Engine

When I have a question or want to do research on a product or service, I go straight to Google. I don’t even think. It’s a natural reaction. Google dominates the search engine game. The […]

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Google Instant’s Potential Effect on PPC Advertising

PPC Google Instant

I posted yesterday on the launch of Google Instant, real-time search results that appear as you query Google.  Like any change in Google, Google Instant provides new opportunity for SEOs and PPC Advertisers.  This post […]

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Google Instant: Real-Time Search Results Pages Appear As You Type

Google Instant

Google announced today it’s launch of Google Instant, real-time search results pages will now appear as you type.  Go to Google and do a search.  See what happens. 3 Benefits To Google Instant Faster Searches: […]

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Twitter Feature Request: Hide The “Who To Follow” Feature

Who To Follow on Twitter

Those that read this blog and know me personally understand that I’m a huge fan of Twitter, as expressed here. Twitter recently added a feature called “who to follow,” offering suggestions as to “who to […]

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Blogging at StayOnSearch, an Educational Search Marketing Blog

StayOnSearch - Educational Search Marketing Blog

It’s been over 1 month since I last posted here. It feels like it’s been more than a year. Suffice it to say, I have not been practicing what I preach on a weekly basis […]

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Making Freemium Work: Converting Free Users To Paying Customers


Are you interested in the Freemium Pricing Model?  A Panel of Venture Capitalists discussed the freemium business model at Google I/O 2010.  If you do not want to watch the 59 minute panel on youtube, […]

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