Comment Policy

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone for visiting my personal blog.

First and foremost, I encourage comments and want to hear all opinions on what you think of each blog post.  Just be a real person.  If you are a real person, you should probably use a name or nickname in the “name” section.

I decided to add a Comment Policy as I have recently been inundated with Spam Comments.  I have one rule and one rule only for commenting on my blog posts:


What do I mean by “Comment Spam?”  Comments like this:

I’m stealing one of the often used words in the book to define the book itself – remarkable. This book is fantastic and easy to read. As you read each chapter, the authors take you through each step in successfully marketing your products. This book is not filled with theories, but it rather cleverly explains each winning strategy which is relevant in this day and age, and then sums up each chapter with a list of things to do to implement the strategy.

This seems like a legitimate comment, as the title of that blog post was “Inbound Marketing Book Review,” right? Nope!  The name of the person that wrote this comment is “Comforters for girls.”  Using the “NAME” section of comment section should be used for either a name or nickname, NOT as keyword heavy anchor text with a link back to your “comforters” website.  Oh yeah, what does the Inbound Marketing Book Review have to do with “Comforters,” anyway?

Keep it simple.  Use your real name or a nickname, but not a KEYWORD as your name.  Be Relevant.

All comments that I determine to be SPAM will be deleted.

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