Is Blogging Intimidating?

B2B Content Creation: Is “B2B Blogging” Too Intimidating?

B2B Content Creation for Marketing comes in many forms: Blogging, Video, Podcast, Photos, Presentations, News Releases, etc.  When done right, B2B content marketing can be extremely effective for getting high quality visitors to your website.  Today’s article is more of a rant focused on the easiest way to create long term value-added content that will continually work hard for you.  Instead of calling it “B2B Blogging,” let’s call it “B2B Content Creation.”

Barry Bowman recently published an excellent article on Search Engine Land, B2B Blogging: Let’s Call It Something Else.  Barry’s article really hit home as I have recently come across similar challenges in that some B2B Marketers look down upon the dreaded word blog. Barry likens B2B Blogging with Customer Relationship Management, and Reputation Management, which is so true!

To paraphrase some prospects that I speak with on a daily basis:

  • Isn’t blogging for my son/daughter?
  • Blogging is an online diary, right?
  • Blogs do not have a place in the business world.

B2B Blogging Frustrations

  • I don’t have time to blog (create content).
  • What do I write about?
  • I am not a copywriter, nor do I have an English degree.
  • How do I edit and create a blog?
  • Our business is very niche and our target audience doesn’t read blog articles.

The final bullet point really irks me.  Perhaps, your target audience doesn’t “subscribe” to blog articles.  Perhaps, your target audience still reads the Newspaper offline instead of consuming newspapers online.  Fine.  The question I pose to B2B Marketers is, “When your target audience is looking to solve a problem or shop for a product or service relevant to them, how do they find answers to their questions and solve their problems?”  Almost 100% of the time, the answer is: “Google.”

B2B Content Creation Helps Your Business To Rank on Google

The easiest way to Get Found by the right prospects and rank on Google is to create content (via blogging).  Throw the word blog out the window and create remarkable b2b content.  Now that we have established content creation as a mechanism that can help b2b marketers rank on Google, there are a few questions that need to be answered.

B2B Content Creation Is Not As Hard As You Think – What Should You Write About?

  • As a business owner or marketer, you know your business better than an expert copywriter.
  • You are passionate about your business.  Take that passion and talk about your remarkable products/services.
  • You solve problems every day.  Your target audience is searching for answers to their questions that your product/service solves.

Call “B2B Blogging” what you want.  The bottom line is: B2B Content Creation will help marketers immensely to get found by their target audience. The longer you wait to produce relevant content around the problems your product/service solves, the harder it will be for you to get found by your target audience online.

Is B2B Blogging such a scary thought?

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