My name is Ryan Beale and RBeale.com is my personal Web Log where I share my thoughts on a variety of topics including Internet Marketing, Sales and Sports.

As a Sales Leader in the Direct Division at HubSpot, my goal is to hit 125% of the monthly quota set forth by the company and accurately forecast how 125% will be achieved.

In order to hit 125% on a consistent basis, I focus on 3 key concepts:

  1. Recruit and Hire Top Sales Reps and BDRs
  2. Train/Coach/Develop Sales Reps and BDRs
  3. Retain Top Talent 

It’s my job to create an environment where each and every member of my team feels confident that they can overachieve on a consistent basis.

Productivity Tools that I use on a daily basis to solve for the 3 key concepts above are:

  1. Evernote – Templates and Cheat sheets, Training Materials, Shared Notebooks
  2. Microsoft Excel / Google Docs – Team Forecast Summary, Individual Rep Forecast by Week,Month,Quarter,Year, and Trailing 6 Month Averages, Individual Opportunity Reviews and Next Steps -Collaborating with and calling plays with sales reps to accelerate opportunities
  3. Salesforce.com CRM – Similar information as the Excel documents but the roll up is to ensure accuracy for issuing guidance to the Direct Division and subsequently the SVP Global Sales.

It’s an honor to work with intrinsically motivated, intelligent, sales people who are truly passionate about their jobs – passionate about HubSpot’s mission of helping hundreds of of thousands of businesses grow. Currently, HubSpot is helping tens of thousands of businesses grow.

As a life long learner, I’m always looking to expand my knowledge in all aspects of business- Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Technology, Finance, Business Intelligence, and HR.

I’m constantly trying to improve individual Sales Rep and BDR funnel metrics, with the goal of increasing Productivity Per Rep (PPR). As our PPR increases, and LTV/CAC improves, our SaaS economic machine will be one to admire.

My sales team represents just shy of $10 Million in HubSpot’s ARR.

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Quick Facts about the Author:

  • Avid Golfer

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